Quick illustration of new Sarah Burton's for Alexander McQueen collection

The table

While I am working on my new story boards I am posting the little table I made for my friends mother

T-shirt design for a contest

T-shirt design for UTGP 13

Summer project: character modeling


Summer project: character modeling


Summer project: character rig


@Phil: new ideas for the story

I fully understand that another story was quite unclear and probably boring. This is one of my new ideas, which of course would be improved.(I am still watching funny short stories on Internet to get more ideas for the story). I want to make really short, cute animation, because I have just 2 months to complete it. I hope the story would be better this time. I should confess 'funny' is a challenge for me, so I appreciate all the feedback. Thank you!


Camera flies over the mountains till reaches the place where Mayans are praying.

While camera is flying we can see heads rolling down from the temples. (showing immolations for Gods). Tribal music is playing camera moves quite fast to make an impression of quite scary, serious environment.

When camera reaches the praying place, we can see Mayans dancing and making same moves.

Then camera quickly shows the old Mayan (Ekahau) slowly and lazy fallowing the ritual dance moves. Looking at others and making unhappy facial expressions (I would reference Robyn Atkinson). He gets tired and stops, that fallows into a small quick earthquake.

Another Mayan (Ci Bolun Tum) gives a look to the old one, so he would pray as he supposed to.

Then again quite serious music starts playing, to create a serious mood. Camera shows Ci Bolun Tum.

Then when another earthquake starts Camera quickly shows to the Ekahau. This time he is sitting down, and repeating tribal moves just with his hands.

At the same time music stops Ci Bolum Tum goes mad, taps his foot and points with the finger to the old mayan, showing him to stand up and pray.

Then the music starts again, this time for really short time. And it fallows by a sound of snoring. Camera shows to Ekahau, who feel asleep.

The sky goes dark, storm starts fallowing with and earthquakes, lava appears from the statue of God mouth. Ci Bolun Tum tries to wake up the elder, however unsuccessfully, and then drags him (on his leg) out of the camera view.

Then after couple of seconds tsunami floods the island of MU. Everything calms down. The sun is shining again. Then palm tree with Ci Bolun tum rowing it and Ekahau still sleeping on it appears.

Summer project: character modeling 5


Summer project: character modeling 4


Summer project: character modeling 3


Summer project: character modeling

I am back from summer holiday and continue my summer project. My first model development so far. Still know there are lots to improve though