Character turnarounds

To keep myself busy over the summer I decided to do a bit of modeling. It will be a great practice for me. Here is turnaround of the character I started modeling already.


10 minutes sketch

Just quick sketch before I go to sleep. I think very much inspired by Catharsis.


Volunteering experience

My blog wasn't alive for a few weeks, but not because I was lazy eating ice cream and watching TV. I was volunteering in two great art festivals in my home country Lithuania.
First festival was 'Anima Mundi 2013' held in Pakruojis Lithuania, where I had a chance to meet absolutely amazing artists from all over the world: Iran, Indonesia, Spain, Denmark, France, India, Georgia and etc.  I spent a whole week helping artists in their workshops and trips they had. And I'm glad to say I have a few friends more now!

The second one, which finished just a few days ago, was a bit different. It was international folk dance and music festival, where my role was to be a guide for the dance troupe from Serbia. I pretty much spent 18 – 20  hours per day with them. Not much of sleep but loads of fun indeed! It's my second time I'm volunteering in this festival. It was a couple of years ago, so this time it was way easier and more enjoyable! I helped dancers to get to the rehearsals on time, make sure they eat on time, show around and make them busy all the time (:. To be a guide was a very responsible task, but as I mentioned before I had so much fun, and I felt like I'm one of Serbians at the end of the festival. And the schedule was so busy you wouldn't believe! We also had a two days trip and visited 3 cities, where my lovely friends had concerts.

My volunteering work is over. So it's time for dissertation and internship!