Symbol meanings in Bible

Colour and colour meanings in mythology and realigion.


influnces time-lapse

To create an interesting tapestry that would be suitable for theater I decided to look at time laps videos. The animation for the theater should be quite long, and due to my submission it would be quite impossible  to summit a video that would be a slow long duration one. Therefore I looked at time laps videos as a reference.


Egg tempera

Another technique of painting, used in early   medieval was egg tempera


Camera Obscura

'Faust' was published in 19th century, which known for romanticism and realism movements. Realism in art seeks to perfectly reflect reality. The Faust is presented as a renaissance man, where camera obscura was found and used in visual arts in terms to get the lighting and shadows right. The technique of camera obscura, made painting look very realistic and 3 Dimensional. Therefore I decided to do more research, about it which would let me not just to use the technique that was relevant in both renaissance and 19th century, but also relate it with 3D. 

 David Hockney analyses about use of camera obscura in art on BBC show 'Secret Knowledge':

Vermeer and camera obscura

What kind of camera obscura can be used for this project?


Major Project: Research


Major Project: Proposal



Kaukas is ready to be put in the light scene and to be rendered


Kaukas: progress

Kaukas is almost ready to be placed into a lit scene and to be rendered! He is still missing eyelashes and his cane still needs better texturing. He is all rigged, skinned and very excited to come to life! My plan is to put him to render on Monday as soon as the university opens.