After a busy summer, I'm back on track again not only working on personal projects but have been freelancing for multiple clients as well. The most recent job I have completed was producing an inforgraphic for insurance company Rideprotect, which was challgenging and exciting. I am very happy to see it published.

you can see full video at rideprotect.co.uk


Siggraph vancouver diary 8h of August

While Nat and Kym had started volunteering at the pre-conference, I had some free time to look around Vancouver downtown. Myself and fellow volunteer Ateen started our trip at around 11 a.m. from the convention centre and finished at the same place at 6 p.m. We walked all around Downtown Vancouver and Stanley park which is huge. Vancouver is an absolutely stunning city which is clean and full of sporty, smiley people. Enough of my talking, have a look for yourself! (:

Above is a map of my Thursday trip. The Yellow point indicates the start and finish of my journey, and the numbers correspond to the images and places I visited in order below.

1. Gasstown - The oldest area in Vancouver Downtown which is full of amazing Victoran buildings and loft appartments. This become our local night out area later in the week. (:

2. China Town! Very different from the one we all know in London. Vancouver's is full of amazing markets and restaurants. This place was shockingly different from the rest of Vancouver... It actually felt like I was visiting China! (:

3. The Science Museum and an absolutely amazing view of the Southern part of Vancouver Downtown! We thought of visiting the Museum but was revealed to be rather pricey so we decided to save some money for other attractions (:

4. The stunning Granville Island! To get there we had to take a water taxi for about a $45.50 return which isn't as bad as it seems seeing as the trip is absolutely worth it. The Island is full of markets and restaurants and reminded me of a mixture of Camden Town and Covent Garden in London. That's were I also had my delicious lunch:  home baked Ham and Cheese Croissant with White Tea Lemonade! (:

5. This one place I visited is one of the poshest areas in Vancouver, full of eye catching modern architecture, elegant gardens, and beautfiul picnic areas.

6. English Bay! Probably my favourite part of Vancouver. Where else can you find the ocean, the beach, palm trees and a view of the mountains all in the same place? 

7. The begining of the massive Stanley Park which reminded me of the one Yogi Bear inhabits (:

8. The San Fransico Bridge? That's the first thing that went through my mind the first minute I saw it! It's very similar just smaller and green!

9. And finally, back to where we started, the Convention centre, where we met a tired Nat and Kym for a much deserved dinner! (:


Updated kaukas and Demo reel


Faust: progress

Texturing and lighting progress


Faust: progress

Progress of lighting and texturing my scene. I am experimenting with real textures, also creating shaders such as velvet. To create more realistic feel I am using portal lights and gamma correcting everything to keep colours vivid.


Shaders and Lightning tests

Here are some tests and process of creating realistic gold shader. I used maya material x (100 % copper) to create it, however I noticed that the default shader surface reflects to much from the environment. Even it looks quite realistic itself, as most of the architectural shaders in maya, however I wanted to push it more so shadows, surface and the level of shininess would feel more real.

Even at this point I was quite happy with the result I've noticed that surface still reflects light at part where in real life it wouldn't (inside of the globe wires) So therefore I pushed it forward playing with Weight, Roughness, shininess and reflected lights (highlights) of the material.

Some other test for a glass, velvet and liquid

I started creating basic lighting so I can work with texturing having the rough idea how my lighting would work. My scene has 3 windows. Even I like portal lights and it looks good, I decided to go for more render time consuming decision I created 3 spot lights, that imitates sun, also 3 area lights that create defuse light. Using photons, global illumination and final gathering I achieved quite good result, which will work in my advance while texturing. 

I also changed the light temperature, using Kelvin scale I plugged lighting of 3000K to spot lights imitating sunrise/sunset and 7500K for area light imitating sky.


Faust: Room modeling progress


Faust: room modeling progress