Concept of character head

First concept of character head. I am starting to paint concepts that would look more 3 dimensional, that my sketches which were very flat and 2D. 


Prop designs

Some of the prop designs for my character. My character is a trickster that leaves things like grain or beans at peoples houses, expecting they accept it and like that unspoken treaty would be signed. Kaukas expects people to give him something in return, otherwise he burns their house.

Some of the waist bags designs for my character

Canes designs

Props that my character would have in his hand and on the jacket 



Another quick illustration of my character 


Prop designs

Some of the prop designs for my character. Each of the jar has a potion or a thing that is usually associated with him in Lithuanian mythology.


Quick illustration

15 minutes illustration of one of the chosen poses.


Character poses: Real life reference

To understand the way my character moves, I took some real life reference that I can apply to my character.


Rough Character Illustrations

To gain better understanding of my character I started drawing rough 20 - 30 minutes illustrations, that would help me choose poses and character costumes, also colour scheme for Kaukas.

Also I experimented on hood designs for my character


Character Development

Development of my character Kaukas. I worked on skeleton so my character would get trickster characteristics. I will next work on illustrations and poses that would represent kaukas. That would also let me understand what costume my character needs.


Character Silhouette: work progress

To develop my character silhouette further I decided to look at national costumes and come back to the idea of optical illusion. To make my character stronger in terms of it’s' trickiness I decided to look at animals that can be considerate as trickster and that could be found in Lithuania.


Environment Concept

Very first conecpt of environment which my character would live in


Reasearch for texture

Kaukas (Sprite) - is a creature moslty found in Baltic mythology. It appears in the house and likes to be adopted as a house elf, however it is never completely loyal to the house owner. Kaukas is loyal to the Devil, which in baltic mythology is a God of underworld. To bring some of the cultural value, I decided to reference houses (furniture/things I can found in them) that are closest to the period, when people believed in mytological stories. Over the summer I visited the museum that is a village of about 200 years old. Here are some photographs I took there. I also looked at Lithuania's nature, especially when it's foggy. Because Kaukas appears just when it's foggy


I chose Jim Carrey as the main inspiration for my character. Jim Carrey in most of his movies have a role of a trickster, what is exactly what I am looking for my character. I created siluettes influneced by characters playd by Jim Carrey, such as Gricht, Scrooge, Count Olaf , Mask, The Riddler, Ace Ventura and etc. Here are some character silhouttes I came up with


15 min exercise sketch


Characters influences by Jim Carrey

In terms of creating my character I decided to look at personalities that would reflect my character. I tried to find some one that is quite naive, funny and have child like evil personality. After doing research I decided to choose Jim Carrey and his characters.