Faust: progress

Texturing and lighting progress


Faust: progress

Progress of lighting and texturing my scene. I am experimenting with real textures, also creating shaders such as velvet. To create more realistic feel I am using portal lights and gamma correcting everything to keep colours vivid.


Shaders and Lightning tests

Here are some tests and process of creating realistic gold shader. I used maya material x (100 % copper) to create it, however I noticed that the default shader surface reflects to much from the environment. Even it looks quite realistic itself, as most of the architectural shaders in maya, however I wanted to push it more so shadows, surface and the level of shininess would feel more real.

Even at this point I was quite happy with the result I've noticed that surface still reflects light at part where in real life it wouldn't (inside of the globe wires) So therefore I pushed it forward playing with Weight, Roughness, shininess and reflected lights (highlights) of the material.

Some other test for a glass, velvet and liquid

I started creating basic lighting so I can work with texturing having the rough idea how my lighting would work. My scene has 3 windows. Even I like portal lights and it looks good, I decided to go for more render time consuming decision I created 3 spot lights, that imitates sun, also 3 area lights that create defuse light. Using photons, global illumination and final gathering I achieved quite good result, which will work in my advance while texturing. 

I also changed the light temperature, using Kelvin scale I plugged lighting of 3000K to spot lights imitating sunrise/sunset and 7500K for area light imitating sky.