Faust: Room modeling progress


Faust: room modeling progress


Modeling progress

Here are some screen shots of the room modeling progress, which comes alongside with designing props for it. fallowing my projects logic,  each thing in the room represents death, vanity, science, magic and earthly pleasures.


Touchstone sumbission



One of the first concepts of how the table that represents death would look like.

Silk and Cloth represents Vanity

Hourclock: time limit and passing

Skull: Death

Unlit Candle: a sign that shows there is no spiritual illumination in the darkness of ignorance.

A Jar with a dead Dove: The death of hope, purity and love.

Apples with maggots/ rotten fruit: decay and aging


Hourclock Designs

Each table in the room will represent different aspect of Vanity. Here are some designs for hourclock that represents time limit and passing, which means time should not be wasted. The hourclock would stand on the table that represents Death.


Room Layout

After experimenting with extruding faces, changing their sizes and heights, i came up with rough layout for the room.

I am also going to divide room into 3 sections, which each would represent Vanity: Death, Earthly pleasures and Science/Magic



Some painting influences for textures, lighting and environment mood