Unit 3 environemnt. New influence map

After reading Freud’s essay about uncanny, I realized that nuclear station can be used just as one inspirational point, however I should not use it as an object for my final piece, because it would not reflect actual meaning of uncanny. Uncanny should be familiar and homely, but at the same time foreign and uncomfortable. However Chernobyl neither create comfortable image to me, and I believe nor to other people. So I decided to look at the places witch creates good atmosphere for majority of people, but at the same time to use some objects or details to make it mysterious, foreign and unknown. So I decided to look at the playgrounds and amusement parks in Chernobyl. Chernobyl’s amusement park, reminded the one I have I in my hometown city, where I used to spent loads of time in my childhood. Playgrounds, asciates with fun, and children however looking at these playgrounds in my city and chernobyl, we can see that something what use to be fun and familliar to many people became creepy.


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