Summer project: animatic

I still need to edit couple of shots and music, but here it is my first animatic of the mayan animation. And I still feel it's a bit too fast at some points, so that will be fixed. Also, the duration of animation probably will reach about a minute and a half.   


tutorphil said...

Hey Ernesta :)

Wow - an animatic, fab! I haven't yet seen a story outline on here, so maybe I'm missing something, but just having watched the animatic I sort of found myself a bit underwhelmed in terms of pay-off; I assume we're looking at the end of the Mayan race, with the joke being that one of the characters is simply sleeping through it. I wonder, however, if maybe your story could be stronger if you were actually 'explaining' how the Mayan race ended? I.e. that it was through the actions of the sleepy mayan that a chain of events was created, thus ending the entire civilisation (and making a joke out of the ideas that it always has to be something epic that brings civilisations to ruins). Structurally, it just feels as if it's missing a 'reason for being'. Perhaps you should clearly state your story on here, so we can look at it further.

tutorphil said...

Okay - I've read through your script idea and watched your animatic, and I think the 'problem' is simply that I'm not sure 'what' I'm watching. Your intention, I think, is to deal with an existing 'creation myth' - but put a funny spin on it, but most audiences won't even be aware of the creation myth, so will simply view your story as a series of events; as a 'series of events', your story feels a bit flat because there doesn't seem to be enough of a story here in its own right. Essentially, you've got the story of a snoozy Mayan who keeps falling asleep - and this is nice, funny stuff (and the final scene of the guy still asleep on the canoe works). Do you need to somehow 'show' the audience in act one that the gods are angry, that they feel disrespected; that the two characters must pray in order to 'save' the world? I feel as if I don't quite know why anything is happening - it just is happening. Do you need to think of a way to 'explain' the importance of the ritual first so that the snoozy Mayan's behaviour feels like more of a problem?

Ernesta Baniulyte said...

Hi Phil! Thanks a lot for your feedback! I'll start to work on new ideas today

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