Adaptation project: research

For my new project, I will adapt a novel 'The Metamorphosis' written by Franz Kafka in 1915. My main goal is to create an animated short which main concern would be character design. With this animation I want to express the main character Gregor's emotional state and behavior towards environment and  himself.

'The Metamorphosis' is a story about salesmen Gregor Samsa, who one day wakes up and realized he physically transformed into an insect. Story tells how he and his family (mother, father and sister) deals with him not being able financially support his family anymore. Book deals with many psychological and philosophical situations that author himself have had experienced. 

The presentation below is a summary of my primary research. After I read book 'The Metamorphosis' and biography of author Franz Kafka, I pointed main things, that, I think ,would be relevant and very important to the story.


Le said...

Hello Ernesta! This idea looks pretty good. The 'transformed into an insect' is so interesting that I can't wait to see what you are going to do with it =)

Ernesta Baniulyte said...

Haha thank you Le! Book is great, just hopefully I can take all the best from it and something good! (:

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