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tutorphil said...

Hi Ernesta,

Nice final scene - and I'm sorry for the 'bad cop' routine re. your lateness, but it's just me being as fair and square as possible - I don't want you to worry unduly, because I think you have a fair idea of your own how much you've learned and how hard you've worked and that will be reflected in your feedback etc. Just decide that you're never going to be late for a deadline ever again - ever. It's best to decide that in year 1 when there is some wriggle room!


This is the first time you have been asked to complete the ISS (unlike those veterans of surveys in Year 2 and Year 3), but it's really important that you take a moment or so to reflect on your experiences so far - because students are the voice 'most-listened to' in terms of the 'powers-that-be'. So - complete the survey for me, and then leave a 'done it' confirmation on the blog post below. Many thanks in advance :)


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