Unit 3: modeling develompement

I made the light on the balcony smaller and put some more intensive light on the scene


tutorphil said...

looks better already! :) But that light catching the top of the proscenium arch just looks like a glitch or an error - as if there's a triangular blank in your image - it looks pretty odd to my eye - can you sort it in terms of your lighting? Also in the bottom right corner, you've got a grey strip that looks 'dead'.

I think you might consider having a light source to add interest to the carpet area; for example, if you were to imagine that beyond the frame of the image there was an open exit door - with a strong light outside - then you'd have the light coming through the doorway projected across the carpet in front of the seats. It's just an idea, but that space feels abit dead too and needs some additional lighting to pep it up and make it work harder - and using lighting to give a suggestion of the outlying environment is 'cheap' way to extend your world.

Ernesta said...

Thanks Phil, really like an idea of how to work with carpet. And I'll try to fix that lightening problem with an arch (:

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