Unit 4: Story telling. Ideas for charaster and story


It's been 2 years mouse Pipi lives in the zoo. No one brought her here, she found the way to this brilliant home by her own. She loves spending days here, so many people come to see animals, but however no one pays attention to this little mouse. The most popular in this zoo are flamingos. Pipi likes them as well, they remind her ballet dancers. She saw a ballet once, when she was looking for food supplies and accidentally mixed ballet theater with a bakery, which were standing in the neighbor. From that day, she dreams about being famous ballet dancer…. Or just become of these incredible pink birds….


As every day Pipi was sitting on the fence, looking at flamingos and dreaming of becoming famous ballet dancer. However as always she face a problem: she cannot distinguish reality from her own dreams. So she starts to dance for real.. She accidentally gets into the lions cage, which was not fed today, so it starts to hunt Pipi. However she does not notice that, because she is imagining herself on the stage, beautiful as these pink birds..

After few minutes she gets into another trouble, she splashes pig, which wanted to be clean today with a dirt.. It makes Pig angry and it starts to chase her as well…

Pipi continues dancing and jumps on the ladder left by the warden of the zoo.. Even Pipi was quite high, however it wasn't an obstacle for the snake.... but it appeared that snake was too heavy, so ladder fell on the panda's head… All four animals start to chase little mouse.. However they accidentally run into each other and fell.. And little mouse Pipi finished her dance on the fence and finally attracts people's attention, because of her incredible dance. And in the background we can see confused, tired animals(:


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