Unit 4: Story telling. Ideas for a character


Lily is 10 years old. She always was different from other same age children; you can even notice that from the first sight, because of her weird behavior. When she grows up, she wants to be a famous ballet dancer, wear a wonderful white dress which reminds her beautiful swans. This little clumsy girl, goes to ballet classes twice a week, but it seems that it‘s not enough for her. Lilly is a dreamer, she day-dreams everyday.. Oh and if you can know what is happening into her mind. All her thoughts fly around good and beautiful things and one of them is of course ballet. It seems like she see all the world though the pink glasses. However sometimes girl does not distinguish her dream world from reality anymore, and that just drives her mother crazy. Sometimes little read-head Lilly starts dancing in places she should not. That often puts her and her mother into a big, big trouble.


tutorphil said...

Hmm - but does your ballet dancer even need to be human to begin with?


Ernesta said...

Haha yeah i was actually thinking about the bird before. I guess I need to do more reseach.. But that was really hellphul, Thanks!!! (:

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