Unit 5: Idea for the story

Idea for the story:

Office hole-punch as always punching two holes into the papers. However it finishes all, and waiting for a new pile of documents, it needs to punch. It looking at the clock hanging on the wall, starts taping it’s leg (corner)... 5 minutes passes hole-punch gets really nervous and starts walking really fast around the table… 10 minutes past, it becomes really annoyed stops again and really angrily and nervously starts taping his leg again… Then an hour passes… still no paper, no work to do.. So it becomes really nervous, starts walking around really quick and punching every single document it founds on the table. Then after it destroys all the papers on the table, an officer comes with a new pile of documents. Then hole-punch realizes what it done, and gets scared and freezes.


Lydia Caplan said...

Hahahah definitely loving the story!! I can imagine it vividly and see this working well :)

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