@Phil: Animatic

This is my Animatic for Unit 6 animation. I noticed that I made mistake, while writing lagging strand, which will be corrected. Can I, please, get a feedback, so I can correct it or remake it. Thank you.


tutorphil said...

hey Ernesta - the really great thing about this animatic is that, even though I worked on that script with you I couldn't visualise it at all - it was all too abstract - but this animatic makes it all very clear to me! I'm not sure about the music - though I didn't hate it - I suppose it just felt a bit insistent, a bit moody somehow. You're right though - it does need to be ambient and minimal. Maybe you could throw in some alternatives to choose between? Anyway, the good news is that this animatic taught me something! You'll want to talk to Pete Wallace about how to create those tagged, diagramatic text elements - and I'd suggest too that you give your typeface a bit of consideration; fonts are one of those really delicate decisions, and it just feels that in your cool, blue and sophisticated world, you should seek out a suitably chic, yet simple typeface that will suit.

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