Unit 6: Animatic with new soundtrack

The first soundtrack appeared as not really suitable. So far I am looking for a new one. This is my animatic, with ambient song I like the most so far


tutorphil said...

Hey Ernesta - don't hate me - but I like this music choice even less - because it's very doomy and serious and downbeat - and actually you're showing us something about life and change and transformation; can you cheer things up a bit? If you're still unsure, revert to the original music choice for the crit, because it was anyway more suited; but yes, your music needs to be either more neutral, or a bit cheerier.

Ernesta said...

Hey Phil, yes I understand what you mean and I'm still looking for the right one. I never thought it can so hard to find the right soundtrack. And I'll talk to my classmate, he might suggest me something. Thanks for your feedback. (: I think I'll still upload some other version of my soundtrack, and if u still won't like i think I'll stick with the first one then. I mean for the pitch. (:

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