@Phil: new soundtrack for my animation

This is my animatic with new soundtrack, which was created by Klaidas Stasiunas Music Technology and engineering student from the University of York. Can I, please, get some feedback towards it? I was told it's not complete version yet, some corrections will be made.  


tutorphil said...

Hey Ernesta - I think it's fab you're working with another student at another university - I love this kind of collaboration. What's good about this new soundtrack is it's less gloomy than the second and it's a bit more characterful than the 1st; however, as you're working with a composer, I think it's a great opportunity to create a soundtrack that is a bit more responsive to the action; for example, when the polimerase appears and 'slides' down the helix, maybe the music could reflect this movement; likewise, when that enzyme jumps about filling the gaps, maybe the music could pick up on this change of pace? The general ambience is good, but can it feel a little more tailored to the sequence itself?

Ernesta said...

Hey Phil, tanks for your feedback. As I said, it's not finished and not polished yet, so I ask him if he can make it more tailored to my animation! (:

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