Summer project: Story for the animation

One Mayan (Ekahau) is sleeping under the palm tree.

Sun clock shows 12, the hour when Mayans pray for Gods.

Another Mayan (Ci Bolon Tum) trying to wake up Ekahau. However he does not wake up, it seems he did not even feel that someone tried to wake him.

Ci Bolon Tum tries to wake him up several times again by poking, screaming to his ear. Then Ekahau wakes up. And starts walking very slowly, acts sleepy.

While Ci Bolon Tum starts praying to God statues, Ekahu instead of praying falls asleep again.

Then Gods go angry, because on Ekahau.

Sky turns dark, storm begins leading into an earthquake… Lava appears from the statues mouth and then the misery begins…. However Ekahau is still sleeping.

Ci Bolon Tum, jumps on him trying to wake Ekahau up, then after unsuccessful try, he pulls Ekahau’s leg and starts dragging him.

Both characters disappear from the camera view.

Ground pulls apart because of the earthquake, pyramids starts falling apart.

Then two tsunami waves floods the island of MU. Everything comes down ande a little boat appears with both of the characters: Ci Bolon Tum is rowing the boat and Ekahau is still sleeping calmly inside the boat.


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