Summer project: first ideas for the animation

After a couple of weeks of having some rest from all the work I'm starting again! I had Soundscape 19 from the mystery blue box, which I am gonna upload soon. Thanks to blue box mistiness I got a music which is really intensive and reminds me of war or something evil. I started to read some myths and legends in various sources. And the one I liked related with the ocean, which led me to a mysterious creature of mermen. Mermaids are quite popular among stories and tales, however male version of merman is not that much. Merman is opposite to mermaid: is ugly and unattractive. however they share same feature: double sided behavior. They are really friendly at the beginning however likes to steel souls of the human and lock them in the cage. I read many legends from different cultures and so far found Irish/Scottish one the most familiar to the story i want to do.. I hope to find some interesting tales to base my story on. Merman


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