Metamorphosis animation: editing progress


tutorphil said...

Okay, Ernesta - my very last bit of feedback! The changes you've made here so far are all working very effectively now - the increase in breath, the real sense of impact from those legs against the floor - great stuff. All I want to see now (or in fact 'hear') is a return of the noise you used to have when the spider lifts its body up from the floor @ approx 44 secs and just some accompanying sound for its smaller front legs as they contact the floor - if you look they first appear to drag backwards, then they bend at the joint (which feels like an opportunity for another kind of 'creak') and they tap the floor. Just enrich this part of your animation with sound, and then, I think, for my money at least, you're pretty much there :)

Ernesta Baniulyte said...

@Phil: thanks for feedback. I do have sound for the body, I might make it louder, so it would be more obvious, or just change it into more effective one. I also gonna add sound for little legs as well. Thank you!

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