Metamorphosis animation (progress)

Another vesrion of my animation. I still need to experiment more with text and sound.


tutorphil said...

Nice choices, Ernesta! Already much improved with everything so much more in keeping with your world - the end credits, for example - much more sensitive to your art direction.

A few more observations for you to think about - it feels to me as if the blinking needs a sound identity too - a snapping shut sound - something metallic perhaps - have an experiment - maybe like a distortion of a camera shutter clicking or similar? You can then use this sound in addition to the others in those final quick edit sections.

When the spider walks towards us, the sound of his feet doesn't get any louder - but imagine if it was actually coming closer to the microphone - the noise would amplify and more oppressive. Have you tried for the footsteps layering all the sounds you've so far tried - the first metallic tap + the type-writer tap + this new sound; I think the problem with all of the sfx for the impact of the feet has been is that it doesn't quite convey the weight of the typewriter; think of hybridising a sound for this aspect of your design; keep working at it, be a bit more experimental; it needs 'weight' but also that spidery scuttle - think of it as bass notes and top notes together.

The same argument can be made about the 'squeal' you've got running throughout - it works, it's agitating, but it does feel as if there should be a deeper tone working too; one simple thing you could try would be to slow down the squeal to about 10% of its original speed and lay it under the soundscape you've created, just something to put some David Lynch-esque rumble under the high notes of your soundscape. As I type this, I'm suggesting things I can't hear, so I'm typing with my gut and with my experience, but I do think your soundscape needs some bass notes and some belly. I could be way off on this, but I do want you to spend some time really working into your sound design - if you don't like it, strip it back out - easy! :)

tutorphil said...

oh - but I really like the sounds you've got going on now when the typewriter first moves its legs and lifts itself up - v. nice.

oh - and the breath - find a more panicked, breathless, quicker panting sfx to accompany the rising tension in the editing - the slow heavy breathing is sinister in the beginning, but it can't convey the panic of your final act.

Okay, okay - I'm going now,,,

Ernesta Baniulyte said...

@Phil wow that was quick! Thanks for feedback. Yes yes yes, I will spend some time editing the sound, and I actually noticed myself that it doesn't feel like it's coming closer. It does feel a bit off and like it's not coming from the typewriter itself (I mean sound). I will work on it. I still see some bits I still not happy about in the animation, so I will keep on editing! I'm getting there, slowly but surely! (:

Jolanta Jasiulionyte said...

filmic suspense! and some badass editing! :O

Ernesta Baniulyte said...

J.J. Thank you! (:

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